Back to Everest Again


I really never doubted that I would go back to Everest. Even as I was dealing with the death and destruction at Base Camp immediately following the earthquake and avalanche of April 25th, I felt that I would return. I started training on August 15th and I am ahead of where I was last year at this time.  But these next 84 days will be crucial as the workouts continue to get longer and more difficult. I plan to use the Hypoxico tent again starting on March 10th which will allow me to arrive in Nepal later and fly into a higher altitude than most climbers.  I’ll leave home on April 24th arriving in Kathmandu on the 26th. Then helicopter to the village of Lobuche (elevation 16,200) on the 27th. The next morning, I will hike into Everest Base Camp and join the rest of my team. I have decided to climb with Garrett Madison of Madison Mountaineering this year. Garrett runs a first class operation and will have a small team of only 9 or 10 climbers. My guide will be Brent Bishop, an experienced guide who comes from a famous climbing family. His father, Barry Bishop, was a member of the first American team to summit Everest in 1963.  Brent followed in his father’s footsteps summiting Everest in 1994 and again in 2002 as part of a National Geographic expedition.  A lot of my teammates and guide friends from 2015 will be back and I am looking forward to reuniting with them at Base Camp.  Nepal is still recovering from the devastation of April 25th but reports indicate that the Sherpas are ready to get back to business as usual.  We are coming off the two most deadly years in Everest history with 35 deaths and zero summits so hopefully 2016 will be a safe and successful year.

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