Unfiltered Thoughts On Everest, 2016

  At 7:30 this morning, I settled back into my familiar office chair but my mind was still on Everest.    I was supposed to be at Base Camp today resting while building more red blood cells after a successful rotation … Continued

Back to Everest Again

I really never doubted that I would go back to Everest. Even as I was dealing with the death and destruction at Base Camp immediately following the earthquake and avalanche of April 25th, I felt that I would return. I … Continued

Thoughts on Everest 2015

  It was all going so smoothly.   Yes, I had a couple of bad nights with a stomach bug but considering I was on Mount Everest, one of the most inhospitable and unforgiving places on earth, things couldn’t have been … Continued

My Life on the Stair Machine

    I will admit it… I love my stair machine.   Well, it’s really not my machine…it belongs to LifeTime Fitness.  But over the past 20 months, I’ve spent so much time on it, I feel as though it rightfully … Continued

Back To Everest!

Me and Julie with Larry Holmgren (L) and Mike Hamill (R) on Denali 2010   I am excited to report that I have signed on with International Mountain Guides to go back to Nepal in April 2015 to climb Mount … Continued

Everest – North versus South

Six months ago this week, my bags were packed and I was headed to Nepal to attempt Mount Everest for the second time. Seven long months of training were behind me and I felt confident that I was much more … Continued

Everest 2014 Cancelled

I regret to report that our 2014 Everest Expedition has been officially cancelled. My guide flew to Everest Base Camp yesterday to see if there was any chance of making this year work but unfortunately, the situation there has gotten … Continued


When Julie and I made our last few steps down through the Marangu Gate after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, we both agreed that we would never climb again.  While accomplishing something so far out of our comfort zone felt good, we had … Continued


When Julie and I turned around on Denali in 2010, it was the first time we had failed to summit any mountain we had been on together. The weather on our move to 14 Camp was more intense than anything … Continued


Getting to Mount Vinson in Antarctica is an adventure in itself…first a five hour flight from Punta Arenas, Chile in a Russian cargo plane…landing on an ice runway.    From there, a beautiful flight in a small Twin Otter to base … Continued